This Dog'll Hunt

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      "This Dog'll Hunt" is a useful and entertaining book on the colorful language of Texas. It is a collection of thousands of Texasisms arranged in dictionary format. You can quickly find terms and corresponding sayings for any purpose. A variety of interesting quotations, explanations, selected pronunciation guides and interesting stories are included to make "This Dog'll Hunt" the authoritative Texas language reference. "This Dog'll Hunt" is perfect for anyone who wants to talk Texan or add real, down home, Texas flavor to writing and speaking projects. The book is a must for the library of any real Texan. The book's introduction is by the then Texas State Treasurer Ann Richards, first lady of Texas talkin'. Ann Richards won the hearts of America with her stirring keynote address at the 1988 Democratic National Convention. Her comment that some Republican programs were like "an old dog that won't hunt" inspired the title for this book. Wallace O. Chariton, a Fort Worth native who was raised in San Antonio, is a fifth generation Texan whose ancestors originally came to Texas to help in the fight for independence. Fiercely proud of his Lone Star State heritage, he began researching the state's history and collecting Texasisms, Texas trivia, and Texas quotations at age 10, and has continued in his intense interest for more than 30 years.

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