The Upanishads

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      The treasured and classic writings of Hinduism are published here in their complete English translation by Swami Paramananda.

First translated to English by Swami Paramananda as part of his mission to spread the eastern teachings of Hinduism to the Western world, The Upanishads contain many of the tenets, principles and reflections upon life which Hindus emphasise in their belief system. Using his experience as a religious scholar, Paramananda sensitively and successfully translated the wisdom into the foremost of Western languages.

Originally written during the 5th century B.C., the Upanishads collectively explain Hindu philosophy. The nature of the world, of life's renewal, and of the divine are discussed within the verses. Ideas such as Brahman (Ultimate Reality) and Atman (the Soul or Self) carry a place on the pages.

The central principle behind the entire text is simply to know your Atman, and follow the guidance and wisdom within the text. The words put to paper have had a huge impact on Eastern societies, with orders of Monism and the Vedanta schools founded to continue and uphold their eternal guidance.

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