The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep: A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep

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      "The magical book that will have your kids asleep in minutes."xA0u2014The New York Post

This groundbreaking #1 international bestseller is sure to put an end to nightly bedtime battles. Children and parents everywhere can't stop raving about this book!

Do you struggle with getting your child to fall asleep?
Join parents all over the world who have embracedxA0The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall AsleepxA0as their new nightly routine.
When Roger canu2019t fall asleep, Mommy Rabbit takes him to see Uncle Yawn, who knows just what to do. Children will join Roger on his journey and be lulled to sleep alongside their new friend.
Carl-Johan ForssxE9n Ehrlinu2019s simple story uses a unique and distinct language pattern that will help your child relax and fall asleepu2014at bedtime or naptime.
Reclaim bedtime today!

New York TimesxA0Bestseller
USA TodayxA0Bestseller
Publishers WeeklyxA0Bestseller
Translated into 43 Languages
u201COn the cover of [The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep] thereu2019s a sign that reads, u2018I can make anyone fall asleepu2019u2014and thatu2019s a promise sleep-deprived parents canu2019t resist.u201D u2014NPR
u201CFor many parents, getting kids to fall asleep can be a nightmare. But [The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep] . . . promises to make the process easier and help kids to drift off to sleep faster.u201D u2014CBS News
u201CA book whose powerfully soporific effects my son is helpless to resist.u201D u2014The New York Times

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