The London Train

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      "Hadleyis a lovely, subtly teasing writer." u2014New York Times Book Review

Long-listed forthe Orange Prize

Twolives, stretched between two cities, converge in a chance meeting withimmediate and far-reaching consequences in this compelling, sophisticated talefrom acclaimed New Yorker writer Tessa Hadley, author of Accidents inthe Home and The Master Bedroom. As father struggles to reestablisha relationship with his estranged daughter in London, surrendering himself toan underground life of illegal squats and counterculture friendships, a wifedecides she must flee her suffocating marriage to return to Wales, where inCardiff she may rediscover the passions that once fueled her life. Embracingchange and facing loss, in a story evocative of Alice Munrou2019s Runaway andJulia Glassu2019 I See You Everywhere, Hadleyu2019s powerful charactersilluminate the furthest reaches of love, hope, and determination.

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