The Havana Cigar Tour

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      If thereu2019s one thing that defines Havana Cuba, itu2019s the cigar, and for the cigar enthusiast, the ancient Caribbean City is at the center of the cigar universe. Here for the first time is a travel guide for Havana, Cuba, written for the cigar smoker. Author of Inside Cuban Cigars, Tabakmann has crafted this easy-to-use guidebook for the ultimate cigar getaway. All of Havanau2019s cigar shops, factories, and master torcedores are listed, along with a handy cigar price guide. The book offers travel, lodging and food suggestions along with activities and places with the cigar smoker in mind. Imagine smoking a cigar while golfing, fishing, or touring the city. Thereu2019s also a special section for a day-trip to Pinar del Rio, the greatest tobacco farm-land in the world. (Updated 1-5-17)

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