The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

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      In "THE GAME", Neil Strauss delves into the bizarre underworld of 'pick-up artists' - men who have devoted their lives to different techniques of seducing women. These are men with their own vernacular and codes of honour, who operate on-line and in person, who are so committed to honing their strategies that they give each other seminars and live together in shared houses - or 'Projects', as they like to call them. Neil Strauss lived among the players and survived - but not before he became one of them. In the course of two years, he transformed himself from a self-confessed balding, skinny writer into the quick-thinking, smooth-talking style, a character irresistible to women, half psychologist, half magician. He became friends with the other players. He used his Game techniques on Britney Spears. By turns jaw-dropping, poignant and side-splittingly funny, "THE GAME" is a gripping portrait of a mad, self-referential community in the process of slow implosion. With guest appearances from Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise (whose character in Magnolia is based on a real-life pick-up artist) and Courtney Love, who lived with Neil in 'Project Hollywood' for a while, "THE GAME" is also the most sensational relationships manual since "The Rules", essential reading for men and women alike.

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