The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options (11th Edition)

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This book is designed to help learners choose, change, or confirm career choices.

The Career Fitness Program is firmly focused on today's career realities and economyu2013with sufficient breadth to encourage change and growth for learners of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances.xA0User-friendly, easy to read, and appropriate for all learners, it provides three teaching and learning career handles-choice, change, and confirmation-that help students find their career u2018fitu2019. For career choice, the book follows the standard sequence of career search and decision-making issuesu2013Personal Assessment, World of Work, and Job Search.xA0For career change, it offers critical questions thatgo beyond facts and figures to help learners focus on u201CWhatu2019s in it for me?u201D especially when changing careers. For career confirmation, it provides direction, understanding, and reassurance, showing learners how skills acquired in college are transferable to the world of work.


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