The Adventures of Little Sister: An adult and kids coloring book

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      Join in the adventures of Little Sister with 24 delightful, full size drawings to color, plus a full set of crafter size 5 x 7u2019s and bonus coloring pages. (53 total images)

Have fun with u2018Little Sisteru2019 who can be a bit of a princess one moment and a wild, little tomboy the next. Come to a tea party, a birthday party or a meeting of the Crayon Club. Can you hang u2018Upside Downu2019 from a tree? Little Sister can, and she loves to ride a u2018Carrousel Horseu2019. You can color some of Little Sisteru2019s beautiful dolls or teddy bears. You can help her pick some u2018Flowers For Mommyu2019 or play with her new petu2026a wood rat. She has fun in u2018Rainu2019, u2018Sunu2019 or u2018Snowu2019. Some of the other fun pages to color include: Fish Face, Bedtime Prayer, Ballerina, Talking To Santa, the Easter Egg Hunt and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Each picture in this wonderful book has a u2018storyu2019; and those stories are included in special pages at the end of the book to help inspire you, as you color.

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