Sweeter Than Honey: A Coloring Book to Nourish Your Soul

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u201CThis book is a treasure, and I canu2019t wait to share it with the people I love.u201D

xA0u2014xA0Shauna Niequist, author of Present Over Perfect


Nourishment is a funny wordxA0to find on a coloring book.xA0But asxA0Lindsay Sherbondy prayerfully thought about what the Lord was leading herxA0to say through these lettered love notes, it was this: YouxA0are worthy of nourishment.xA0All too often, we take the time to nourish othersu2014with our words, with our time, with our energyu2014while neglecting to receive it forxA0ourselves. But as we read scripture, we see the Lord desiresxA0more for us.xA0

Sweeter Than HoneyxA0invites you to slow down, to take a moment for yourself, and to bask in thexA0soul-nourishment that comes from being creative andxA0letting Godu2019s Word soak into your heart. This bookxA0includes never-before-seen prints from Lindsay Sherbondy, artist and owner of the online shop Lindsay Letters, as well as a few favorites, alongside devotionals and quotes that lead you to reflect upon reflect upon the sweet and beautiful nourishment God offers.u201D As a bonus, each perforated page becomes its own 8x10 art print! As you color and meditate on these words, let them feed your heart and mind, energize your life, and restore your soul.

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