Swear Word Coloring Book: The F*cking Relaxing Adult Coloring Book

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  • 25 Of Americas favorite curse words ready to color
  • Perfect for stress relief
  • Makes a unique and funny gift
  • Mandalas, patterns, animals & flowers, swear words never looked so pretty!
  • This book puts the CRASS in procrastination!
Coloring has become a proven method to help adults relax and this book adds an element of humor to this popular therapeutic activity.
We have included a mixture of classics and some of America's favorite curses along with some amazing designs throughout with a focus on variety and high quality.
So if you know someone who might benefit and find their calm in coloring but isn't likely to be convinced by the thought of coloring a pretty pattern alone then the added dose of hilarious phrases in this swear word coloring book should win them over!
All pages are single sided and there will of course be explicit content throughout.

Key Features in The F*cking Relaxing Adult Coloring Book
  • Full of profanity, sweary and dirty words ready to color
  • Not suitable for sharing with kids, unless of course they can't yet read!
  • High quality single sided prints
  • 8.5x11 Large Book Print
  • Swear words including C*cksucker, ThunderC*nt, T*urd Burgular, F*ck You, MonkeySl*t and many more filthy surprises!

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