Summary: Thinking Fast and Slow: in less than 30 minutes (Daniel Kahneman)

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Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman | Book Summary

In this book, youu2019ll learn how your mind comes to a conclusion based upon previous results and statistics. Youu2019ll learn how to better control your emotions and how to judge why you make the decisions you do. For example, you might find that whenever you think about a friend youu2019ll think of a particular memory related to that person. Youu2019ll learn in this book that this is an automatic reaction of System One, and then System Two analyses the memory to remember the conversations or exact experiences. This book, if interpreted correctly, will teach you to have a greater level of understanding about yourself so that you can judge why you say, think, and do, providing insight into the things you do in various scenarios.

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  • 2 Systems, One Mind
  • Enhance your Mental Abilities
  • Is Your Personal Halo Shining Bright?
  • $2 Today, or $4 Tomorrow
  • Do You Remember Now?
  • Conclusion

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