Succeeding as an International Student in the United States and Canada (Chicago Guides to Academic Life)

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Each year, 700,000 students from around the world come to the United States and Canada to study. For many, the experience is as challenging as it is exciting.xA0 Far from home, they must adapt to a new culture, new university system, and in many cases, a new language. The process can be overwhelming, but as Charles Lipsonu2019s Succeeding as an International Student in the United States and Canada assures us, it doesnu2019t have to be.
xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0 Succeeding is designed to help students navigate the myriad issues they will encounteru2014from picking a program to landing a campus job. Based on Lipsonu2019s work with international students as well as extensive interviews with faculty and advisers, Succeeding includes practical suggestions for learning English, participating in class, and meeting with instructors. In addition it explains the rules of academic honesty as they are understood in U.S. and Canadian universities.
xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0 Life beyond the classroom is also covered, with handy sections on living on or off campus, obtaining a driveru2019s license, setting up a bank account, and more. The comprehensive glossary addresses both academic terms and phrases heard while shopping or visiting a doctor. There is even a chapter on the academic calendar and holidays in thexA0United StatesxA0and Canada.
xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0xA0 Coming to a new country to study should be an exciting venture, not a baffling ordeal. Now, with this trustworthy resource, international students have all the practical information they need to succeed, in and out of the classroom.

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