Squashed Possums: Off the beaten track in New Zealand

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      2016 Award Finalist - Travel Non-Fiction - Readers' Favorite Awards

Bill Bryson, author of Notes from a Small Island "Terrific"

Ten years after returning from the New Zealand outback, Jon receives a mysterious manuscript in the post. Narrated by Jon's former home, the lone caravan, Squashed Possums reveals what it's like to live in the wild through four seasons, including New Zealand's coldest winter in decades.

Discover how Jon finds himself reversing off the edge of a cliff, meet the Maori chef who survived 9/11, the pioneers who paved the way, and catch sight of the elusive kiwi bird. Encounter hedgehogs that fly, possums that scream, and perhaps most importantly, the lone caravan with a story to tell...
Dr Jock Phillips, NZ historian and author u201CI thoroughly enjoyed it! What an interesting storyu201D

Giles Milton, author of White Gold and Nathaniels Nutmeg u201CThe caravan narrator u2013 yes, a first. May it sell in the millionsu201D

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