Spinal Manual Therapy: An Introduction to Soft Tissue Mobilization, Spinal Manipulation, Therapeutic and Home Exercises

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Spinal Manual Therapy: An Introduction to Soft Tissue Mobilization, Spinal Manipulation, Therapeutic and Home Exercises, Second Edition is an easy-to-follow manual of clinical techniques for the spine, pelvis, and temporomandibular joint. The text provides u201Ctoolsu201D rather than u201Crecipesu201D and immerses the reader in the process of u201Cthinking as a manual therapist,u201D rather than functioning as a technician. The clinical utility of this revised second edition combines the art and science of present day spinal manual therapy.

The focus of Spinal Manual Therapy, Second Edition is to provide clinically useful treatment techniques, while being mindful of the scientific literature related to the practice of spinal manual therapy. It is an ideal resource for all those interested in grasping the basics of spinal manual therapy and transferring that knowledge into practice within a clinical environment.

The hands-on approach taken by Dr. Howard W. Makofsky makes this new edition the go-to textbook for spinal manual therapy.

New to the Second Edition:

u2022 New pictures of examination and treatment techniques with captions
u2022 Additional case studies
u2022 New evidence supporting spinal manual therapy
u2022 Updated references throughout the text

This unique textbook has a plethora of clinical techniques, including the rationale for each of their use. With over 300 figures, illustrations, and photographs for each examination/treatment technique for various regions of the body, students and clinicians learning manual therapy will benefit greatly from Spinal Manual Therapy, Second Edition.

Inside youu2019ll find:

u2022 Evaluation
u2022 Soft tissue techniques
u2022 Manipulative procedures
u2022 Specific exercises
u2022 Clinical problem solving

Spinal Manual Therapy, Second Edition mirrors a course on the introduction to spinal manual therapy and will be welcomed into physical therapy curriculums, as well as appreciated by clinicians when entering clinical practice.


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