Sleep Apnea: Hacking Sleep Apnea - 19 Strategies to Sleep & Breathe Easy Again: From CPAP to Oral Appliance Therapy, and the Truth Behind What Actually Works...

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Sleep Apnea is widely prevalent, affecting 1 in 15 people. As well, it is VERY often either left poorly treated, or not at all. When either is present, a cascade of other conditions frequently exists. These diseases, (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Strokes, and so many more) are often treated symptomatically without treating the actual cause. Sleep apnea can be the reason for so many of these diseases.

The amount of treatment options is extensive, with only a select few that lead the way. Some suggest CPAP, some suggest oral appliances, and some will try everything available with little success.

Youu2019ve heard it all before, we need to get a quality night sleep of 6-8 hours to function optimally (about a 3rd of our lives). If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you need to get treatedu2026FAST.

This is Where This Book Will Help You or a Loved One Immensely!

Weu2019ll go over the EXACT treatment options available, from LEAST invasive to MOST invasive. Along the way weu2019ll debunk the options that actually work (and the ones that are crap). Weu2019ll also cover some of the future treatments only in this second edition.

While it is always of utmost importance to seek advice of your doctor, this book will help you in understanding some of those treatment options. As well as perhaps what to ask at your next doctor or sleep clinic visit.

Learn To Breathe & Sleep Easy Again?

You Need To Start Hacking Sleep Apnea NOW!

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