Sex: 14 Best Tips On How To Last Longer, Make Her Scream And Be The Best Lover In Her Life (+FREE Gift Inside) (How To Last Longer In Bed, Attract ... Marriage, Sex Guide) (What Is Sex) (Volume 1)

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      How to be good at sex is a question that has been asked throughout history. But now, with the advent of the internet and all the information we are privy to, there is no better way to address this than in this step by step book made for the everyman. You donu2019t have to be perfect or incredible looking to grasp this and be awesome at it. You just have to have the balls to do itu2014in more ways than one! What youu2019ll learn from this book: u2022 How sex works in the mind and not just the penis u2022 How a woman perceives sex and how you can leverage this u2022 Tips and tricks on what women really like and how to use it u2022 Why you donu2019t have to be good at every move. And creating a signature move or moves of your own u2022 What really gets a woman to want to have sex with you and when she decides? And this is just the tip of the iceberg Benefits to buying this book: u2022 Get your rocks off faster and never waste unnecessary time getting her in bed u2022 Getting women of every age group hot and bothered. Like em young or love a cougar? We get you hooked up with a candy store of women. u2022 Never question yourself as a lover again. u2022 Cary this book through your life to restore confidence u2022 What to do and not to do sexually to get your ex back And much, much more

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