Rwanda & Burundi 1:300,000 Travel Map (International Travel Maps)

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      The two central African countries of Rwanda and Burundi are gradually returning to prosperity. They are both very interesting countries, scenically attractive, and relatively untouched by modernism. Both have suffered serious unrest in the past, but have moved on and are determined to have a bright and happy future. The people are marvelous; one can't express in a brief paragraph the warmth and friendliness of the ordinary people of both countries. This is really a part of Africa everyone should visit. An folded, indexed easy-to-use road map of Rwanda and Burundi to plan your trip, to prepare your itinerary, and to travel independently in these African countries. Inset maps of Kigali and Bujumbara. Touristic information: points of interest, airports, religious buildings, hotels, lodging, hospitals, clinics, gas stations, caves, ports, telephones, post-offices, forests, national parks, tracks and paths, ferry routes on Kivu Lake.

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