Portuguese Cookbook: 25 Delicious Portuguese Recipes to Get the Taste of Portugal - Enjoy the Authentic Taste of Portuguese Dishes

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      Portugal Cuisine is dominated by Mediterranean food; therefore, this cuisine is really famous among food lovers. You can enjoy hearty stews and soups with abundant use of leafy greens and legumes. Enjoy unusual combinations of shellfish and meat, garlic and wine to marinate braises and seafood preparation. The egg-sweet desserts, the luscious puddings and sweet bread are some special Portuguese Dishes.

This book is designed with special Portuguese Recipes so that you can enjoy these delicious food items. Enjoy true flavors and taste of Portuguese food items. You can enjoy mushroom-stuffed meat, salted potato, sautxE9ed kale, onion and nuts. This book has delicious Portuguese recipes with complete instructions and cooking time.

This book offers:

* Chapter 01: Portuguese Meat and Poultry
* Chapter 02: Seafood Recipes from Portugal
* Chapter 03: Portuguese Soups and Stews
* Chapter 04: Appetizers and Snacks
* Chapter 05: Portuguese Sweets

This Portuguese Cookbook is designed with authentic recipes to enjoy unique taste and flavors of this cuisine. Every recipe has detailed instructions for every reader.

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