Oxford Composer Companions: Haydn

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      This second volume in the acclaimed new Companion series on major composers is devoted to the immensely prolific Austrian composer and the father of both the symphony and the string quartet.
In more than 900 A-to-Z entries, Haydn's world is brought to vivid life. All of his music is highlighted including his symphonies, concertos, masses, oratorios, operas, string quartets and other chamber works, sonatas, and miscellaneous choral pieces. Family, friends, patrons and contemporaries (Mozart and the young Beethoven among them), ideas, influences, and aesthetics all played a major role in his life and are illuminated throughout the text.
An invaluable resource for students, teachers, and music lovers, this volume contains a wealth of information including maps, a chronology, a list of works, and expert assessments of Haydn's compositions and increasing popularity.

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