Moscow: Moscow Travel Guide (Moscow Travel Guide, Russian History) (Volume 1)

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Moscow Travel Guide

Moscow is in many ways a mysterious city to many of us that live outside it. As a nation Russia has one foot in Europe and another in Asia and despite being the largest country on earth by landmass it is still unknown to many.

Moscow embodies this mystery and variety and creates a culture all of its own. For those who take the time to explore it though, to walk its streets, to discover its history, and to get to know its people there is a lot on offer. So much so that you need a Moscow city guide like this to help you on your way.

Moscow is the capital of Russia and the largest city exclusively on the European continent with over 12 million people living in it. It has a fascinating history from its time as a footnote in Mongolia Golden Horde history, to its chapter as the birthplace of Russia, and to its time as the heart of the Soviet Union.

It also has a fascinating present to match, with some of the best theatres, nightclubs, restaurants, parks, and of course bathhouses in all of Europe.

This city guide will help you on your Russian adventure so that you can see the wondrous history it has on display and get face-to-face with the Russian way of life.

Find out the best and cheapest way to get into Moscow from Europe or Saint Petersburg. Weu2019ll show you how to make sense of Russiau2019s invitation-only visa system and ensure you get registered for your stay.

Discover Moscowu2019s metro with its stunning Stalinist architecture and chandelier laden hallways with mosaics dedicated to Dostoyevsky. The sprawling underground of Russiau2019s biggest city neednu2019t keep you scared of exploring Moscow to its fullest.

Once you can find your way around Moscow weu2019ll show you around its main attractions from its exhausting amount of cathedrals in the Kremlin and the Red Square, to standing next to Leninu2019s embalmed body. Find out which are the best museums and parks to visit, and find out which is the most regal bathhouse to get birched and steamed in.

Welcome to the world of Russian cuisine with its warming stews and its delicate Russian pancakes. Learn where the best borsht is being served up in the capital and find eateries to meet all wallet sizes and all tastes with some of the best current restaurants in Moscow outlined for your delectations.

Fancy a bed in a dorm, but want it to be clean and quiet? Want to be close to the action while staying cozy? Find out some of the best and most essential places to stay in Moscow whether you are trying to see it on the cheap, or whether you want to stay in an authentic Soviet-era hotel.

Finally, weu2019ll show you how to fit in with the locals using our handy phrase list and crucial tips to stay safe and not let Moscow get the better of you. Welcome to Moscow, where good times find you.

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