Modern Woodworking: How To Use Modern and Traditional Tools to Create Your First Woodworking Project

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      Learn ALL the Basic Woodworking Skills Without Feeling Overwhelmed by the Technical Stuff. Imagine you could build that bookcase you always dreamed of having. What if you could make those floating shelves you always wanted to put your family pictures on? What if that image you have in your mind could become a physical, touchable masterpiece? Amazon bestselling author, Brad Stanford, presents an easy step by step guide to get you from beginner to pro in no-time. No page will be left unturned. He will give you a sound foundation to further explore woodworking after youu2019ve gone through the essentials of this comprehensive guide. His explanations are straight forward and to the point which makes it easy to follow along. Brad will give answers to the question: what are the secrets to crafting stunning woodworking projects. In this book, youu2019ll learn: - What tools the Prou2019s use to create stunning Woodworking Projects - What Basic Techniques are used to make beautiful appliances for your home - How to use Modern Tools to speed up your woodworking process - BONUS: How to choose the type of wood to work with - BONUS: Beginner Woodworking Projects to Create Quality Furniture Buy this book NOW to learn ALL the Woodworking Essentials Without Feeling Overwhelmed by the technical stuff. Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

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