Midnight in Broad Daylight: A Japanese American Family Caught Between Two Worlds

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Meticulously researched and beautifully written, the true story of a Japanese American family that found itself on opposite sides during World War IIu2014an epic tale of family, separation, divided loyalties, love, reconciliation, loss, and redemptionu2014this is a riveting chronicle of U.S.u2013Japan relations and the Japanese experience in America.

After their fatheru2019s death, Harry, Frank, and Pierce Fukuharau2014all born and raised in the Pacific Northwestu2014moved to Hiroshima, their motheru2019s ancestral home. Eager to go back to America, Harry returned in the late 1930s. Then came Pearl Harbor. Harry was sent to an internment camp until a call came for Japanese translators and he dutifully volunteered to serve his country. Back in Hiroshima, his brothers Frank and Pierce became soldiers in the Japanese Imperial Army.

As the war raged on, Harry, one of the finest bilingual interpreters in the United States Army, island-hopped across the Pacific, moving ever closer to the enemyu2014and to his younger brothers. But before the Fukuharas would have to face each other in battle, the U.S. detonated the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, gravely injuring tens of thousands of civilians, including members of their family.

Alternating between the American and Japanese perspectives, Midnight in Broad Daylight captures the uncertainty and intensity of those charged with the fighting as well as the deteriorating home front of Hiroshimau2014as never told before in Englishu2014and provides a fresh look at the dropping of the first atomic bomb. Intimate and evocative, it is an indelible portrait of a resilient family, a scathing examination of racism and xenophobia, an homage to the tremendous Japanese American contribution to the American war effort, and an invaluable addition to the historical record of this extraordinary time.

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