Microsoft Access 2000 Bible

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      They say information wants to be free, and you can be its liberator by using the Microsoft Access 2000 Bible. Written to bring all levels of users up to the first steps of advanced use, it's as clear as a tutorial and as comprehensive as a reference can be. It even includes a 32-page "Quick Start" guide for newbies who want to get up and running quickly.

By combining screenshots with text in just the right proportions, it appeals to both visual and verbal learners and should pose no problems in training. It covers the basics of use and design, advanced features like action queries and subforms, and the use of macros and Visual Basic for Applications to fine-tune your data solutions. The Bible makes learning easy by using examples at every step to ensure hands-on learning.

The enclosed CD-ROM contains all the files you'll need for learning (just add Access!), as well as piles of free and demo software like business forms, Check Writer 2000, and WinZip. So whether you're a bright novice who wants to learn more or an advanced user who needs to learn how Access 2000 differs from previous and competing database applications, the Microsoft Access 2000 Bible will help you unlock the secrets and let your information run free. --Rob Lightner

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