Marketing Research (6th Edition)

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      A u201Cnuts and boltsu201D understanding of marketing research and provides them with extensive information on how to use it.
Introducing Marketing Research; Explaining the Marketing Research Process; Describing Characteristics of the Marketing Research Industry;xA0 Defining the Problem and Determining Research Objectives; Understanding Research Design; Using Secondary Data and Online Information Databases;xA0 Comprehending Standardized Information Sources; Utilizing Exploratory and Qualitative Research Techniques; Evaluating Survey Data Collection Methods;xA0 Understanding Measurement in Marketing Research; Developing Questions and Designing the Questionnaire; Determining How to Select the Sample; Determining the Size of a Sample; Dealing with Field work and Data Quality Issues; Using Basic Descriptive Analysis; Performing Population Estimates and Hypothesis Tests; Implementing Basic Differences Tests; Making Use of Associations Tests; Understanding Regression Analysis Basics; Preparing the Research Report and Presentation xA0
Written at a level first-time marketing research readers can understand, this text provides the basic fundamentals of the statistical procedures used to analyze data.

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