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Moving to Hawaii is a dream for many people!

Is Hawaii the right place for you? That's what you'll find out as you read this comprehensive book covering everything from planning your move, to the flight, to the day you walk up to your new front door. Hawaii is not for everyone. This book will help you decide if it fits you or not, before you spend a lot of time and money moving all your belongings and family.

Moving to Hawaii is a dream for many people!

Imagine Moving to Hawaii and... * Having to choose which amazing beach to visit that day because there are dozens close by. * Seeing a rainbow nearly every day! * Snorkeling, hiking, walking at the beach, cycling, swimming, diving, or sitting at the beach every day! * Sitting in Traffic losing your mind in Waikiki because there's an event nearby and you need to be home! * Feeling like you belong, like you know what is going on because you have researched and bought this book full of information to help you. Is Hawaii Right For You?

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