Los Barrios Family Cookbook: Tex-Mex Recipes from the Heart of San Antonio

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      Since 1979, Los Barrios restaurant in San Antonio, Texasu2014the heart of Tex-Mex cuisineu2014has been serving up casero, or home-style, cooking that has charmed food critics and earned an impressive following. Founded with a small investment and a lot of spirit, Los Barrios built its reputation on the authenticity of its cuisine. The Los Barrios Family Cookbook offers these reputation-making recipesu2014from simple but impressive traditional Mex-ican dishes, many of which have been handed down and perfected through the generations, to modern Tex-Mex favoritesu2014to fans of Southwest cuisine across the country.

Included are recipes for Mexican essentials: Homemade Flour Tortillas, Tamales, and Pico de Gallo; Barrios family specialties, such as Mama Violau2019s Chicken Rice Soup and Acapulco-Style Ceviche; and the classicsu2014Chiles Rellenos, Chalu-pas, and Enchiladas Verdes. All the recipes contain easy-to-find ingredients, and special cooking tips will help you prepare dishes at home that will be as delicious as those served in the restaurant. The Los Barrios Family Cookbook is a comprehensive and indispensable resource for food that explodes with flavor. xA1Buen provecho!

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