Lara: The Untold Love Story and the Inspiration for Doctor Zhivago

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The heartbreaking story of the love affair betweenxA0Boris Pasternak, the author of Doctor Zhivago, and OlgaxA0Ivinskayau2014the true tragedy behind the timeless classic

When Stalin came into power in 1924, the Communist government began persecuting dissident writers. Though Stalin spared the life of Boris Pasternaku2014whose novel-in-progress,xA0Doctor Zhivago, was suspected of being anti-Sovietu2014he persecuted Borisu2019s mistress, typist, and literary muse, Olga Ivinskaya. Borisu2019s affair with Olga devastated the straitlaced Pasternaks, and they were keen to disavow Olgau2019s role in Borisu2019s writing process. Twice Olga was sentenced to work in Siberian labor camps, where she was interrogated about the book Boris was writing, but she refused to betray the man she loved. When Olga was released from the gulags, she assumed that Boris would leave his wife for her but, trapped by his familyu2019s expectations and his own weak will, he never did.xA0

Drawing on previously neglected family sources and original interviews, Anna Pasternak explores this hidden act of moral compromise by her great-uncle, and restores to history the passionate affair that inspired and animatedxA0Doctor Zhivago. Devastated that Olga suffered on his behalf and frustrated that he could not match her loyalty to him, Boris instead channeled his thwarted passion for Olga into the love story inxA0Doctor Zhivago.xA0

Filled with the rich detail of Borisu2019s secret life, Lara unearths a moving love story of courage, loyalty, suffering, drama, and loss, and casts a new light on the legacy ofxA0Doctor Zhivago.

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