Kids Valentine book: A lovely Day (Bilingual English Japanese) Picture book: Children's Japanese book. English Japanese children's picture book ... for children) (Volume 14) (Japanese Edition)

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Bilingual English Japanese picture book for children

Valentine book for kids Dual Language English Japanese Bilingual book for kids This is a cute Bilingual book (English-Japanese) for children with full length illustrations. Beginning readers will enjoy reading the simple sentence on each page. The highlights of this wonderful concept book for children are:
  • Cheerful full length illustrations
  • Simple sentences
Kevin has surprises planned for his friends and family. He makes the gifts for everyone! This book talks about expressing love and care to the people around us. Encourage your child to appreciate the people around them. Bonus: Play the heart game and find all the hearts on each page. This book is designed for kids/beginners who are learning Japanese as a foreign language. Recommended for children (ages 4-7) years. Cheerful Japanese Picture Book for Children

About the Author/Illustrator

Sujatha Lalgudi is a Best selling children's book author and illustrator. Some of her bestsellers in Childrens Books are:
  • Jojo's Christmas Day - Japanese picture book
  • Where is Santa? - Japanese children's book
  • A Lovely Day - Bilingual Edition - English Japanese
  • Book of opposites - Japanese made easy for kids (English Japanese bilingual Book)
  • Finger counting fun - Japanese baby book
  • Animal counting book - for beginning Japanese students and toddlers - Bilingual English Japanese
  • My Daddy is the best - Bilingual Japanese book
  • Peekaboo, baby - Japanese baby book - (Bilingual Edition) Japanese English children's book
  • Gifts for you, Mama - Children's English-Japanese Picture book (Bilingual Edition)
  • Where are the Easter Eggs - (Japanese English Bilingual Book) for children

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