Japanese Land: Tokyo and Mt Fuji: Discover the Japan History and The main cities Tokyo,Kyoto and Osaka (Japan Guides) (Volume 1)

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Discover a japanese experience with this japan travel guide .

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Havenu2019t you always wanted tou2026

  • Get lost in Akihabara's electric town, where you'll find every tech gadget you can imagine from computers to gaming consoles to vacuum cleaners offered at a cheap price
  • Visit a maid cafxE9, where waitresses dressed in maid costumes will treat you as a master (or mistress)
  • Enjoy Japanese Dishes at an Izakaya in Tokyo!
Any type of international trip is a huge investment u2013 in terms of both time and finances. Live your own adventure with our Japan Travel Guide!

Weu2019re going to take you throughu2026

  • The exciting and rich history of Japan u2013 Japan has the oldest surviving monarchy!
  • An in-depth guide to Japanese food u2013 they have the worldu2019s largest fish market!
  • The best places to visit in Tokyo u2013 the Haneda Airport is the worldu2019s busiest!
  • An overview of the magnificent Mt. Fuji u2013 there were once plans to paint Mt. Fuji red!
Your adventure awaits you! . With the Japan Travel Guide, youu2019ll be equipped with everything you need to have an unforgettable trip.! Get your copy today and be a true explorer!

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