Japan: The Ultimate Japan Travel Guide By A Traveler For A Traveler: The Best Travel Tips; Where To Go, What To See And Much More (Lost Travelers, ... Guide, Japan Tour, Best Of JAPAN Travel)

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Updated for 2017 Completely Based On Customer Feedback.

Congratulations! Youu2019ve found The Ultimate Travel Guide To Japan.

Why You Need Lost Travelers

First we would like to thank you for considering Lost Travelers as your guide book. Allow us to explain our beginnings, and the reason we created Lost Travelers. Lost Travelers was created due to one simple problem that other guides on the market did not solve; loss of time. Considering itu2019s the 21st century and everything is available on the internet why do we still purchase guidebooks? To save us time! Thatu2019s right.

Since the goal is to be efficient and save time, we did not understand why there are several guidebooks on the market that are of 500 to 1000 pageu2019 long. We do not believe one needs that much bluff to get an overview of the location and some remarkable suggestions. Considering many guidebooks on the market are filled with u201Csuggestionsu201D that were sponsored for, we have decided to take a different approach and provide our travelers with an honest opinion and decline any sort of sponsorship. This simply allows us to cut off any nonsense and create our guides the Lost Travelers style.

Our mission is simple; to create an easy to follow guide book that outlines the best of activities to do in our limited time at the destination. This easily saves you your most valuable asset; your time. You no longer need to spend hours looking through a massive book, or spend hours searching for information on the internet as we have completed the whole process for you. The best part is we provide you our e-guides for one third the price of the leading brand, and our paper copy for only half the price.

Here Is A Quick Preview Of Our Guide

Section 1: Japan

  • Chapter 1: Get to Know Japan
  • Chapter 2: Japan Survival Guide for Traveler
  • Section 2: Travel Guide to Main Destinations

  • Chapter 3: Tokyo
  • Chapter 4: Kyoto
  • Chapter 5: Osaka
  • Chapter 6: Yokohama
  • Chapter7: Fukuoka
  • Chapter 8: Nagoya
  • Conclusion
  • Let us guide you for a better, safer and more enjoyable trip. Order your copy today!

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