International Dictionary of Ballet Edition 1.

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Insightful and interesting, the International Dictionary of Ballet brings your patrons closer to the dancers and ballets that have fascinated audiences from the Renaissance to the present. Offering an historical perspective, the Dictionary contains an ambitious 750 entries, 550 striking illustrations and photographs, essays by distinguished contributors and information on Russian ballet -- details previously unavailable in the West.

In-depth entries featuring individual artists include dancers, choreographers, designers, composers, librettists and teachers. Each contains a career biography, a comprehensive list of roles (for dancers) and/or works (for choreographers, composers, designers and librettists) and a list of relevant publications, followed by a signed critique written by one of the Dictionary's 160 eminent authorities.

Ranging from the dynamic to the historical, compelling information is available on such performers as:

  • Anna Pavlova
  • Frederick Ashton
  • Marie Taglioni
  • Jules Perrot
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov
  • Twyla Tharp
  • As well as many others

Entries featuring individual ballets provide full details of the ballet?s premiere (choreography, music, design, location, date and principal dancers), a listing of other significant productions, a list of relevant publications and a signed critical and historical analysis of the ballet.

The Dictionary also presents distinguished ballet companies such as the St. Petersburg Ballet, the Paris Opera Ballet, the New York City Ballet and many others. These entries include a synopsis of the company?s history, a list of publications and a substantial historical and critical essay by an expert in the field. To facilitate your research, cross-references are provided to avoid confusion regarding the numerous company titles.

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