Instant Pot Cookbook: Healthy, Easy & Delicious Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipes! (Instant Pot Slow Cooker -Electric pressure cooker cookbook) (Volume 2)

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Grab Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook today, and start enjoying cooking again!

Do you love chicken? Are you tired of having to spend hours cooking or working your way through complicated recipes?

This book is meant for you. The recipes in this book are quick and easy to do - perfect if you need to whip up something for you and your spouse after a long day at work. These recipes make it easy to enjoy tasty and wholesome food in about a quarter of the time it takes to make conventional recipes.

Need to rustle up a roast chicken in less than an hour?

Want to make your own chicken stock and soups without waiting for hours for them to be done? Dust off your pressure cooker and explore as we work through recipes that are both impressive and simple to prepare. We have a basic chicken recipe that allows you to prepare chicken in bulk so that you have a base that you can use with many different recipes. Need to quickly rustle up some BBQ chicken wings for the big game? This book shows you how. Want something with a little more flair? The Chicken Tortellini is one of my personal favorites. You may be used to using your pressure cooker just to cook vegetables but it is far more versatile than that. It makes preparing tasty chicken a breeze. The intense pressure that the food is subjected to not only helps it cook a lot faster but also helps to infuse it with flavors. Learn how to make mealtimes a lot easier, quicker and tastier with the recipes in this book.

Explore an inspiring variety of healthy, easy-to-make pressure cooker recipes


Let this book teach you how to save time and money using your pressure cooker, and how to prepare meals that will wow your better half. In this book, we will go through a short introduction about cooking with a pressure cooker before moving on to the recipes, so that you understand how to fully utilise your pressure cooker.

The recipes in this book are all designed for two people.

They can easily be doubled for when you need to feed more people or if you want to make extra portions to freeze for another meal. So, get your pressure cooker out and letu2019s get started.

Be Smart u2013 Get the Most From Your Pressure Cooker! >> ORDER Your Copy NOW!

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