IVF A Detailed Guide: Everything I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Fertility Treatments

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      This book is a compilation of beneficial information on trying to conceive with fertility treatments, specifically invitro fertilisation and will guide you step-by-step on a journey through: The things to consider and the tests to do before deciding that you need fertility treatments, What you could expect at your initial fertility consultation, Tips on how to choose the clinic thatu2019s right for you, The stages of a standard IVF, frozen and natural cycle, Suggested activities during your 2-week-wait, Additional genetic tests to consider after repeated implantation failures or miscarriages, Finding an IVF support group where you will feel comfortable as well as explanations of the many abbreviations used within them, Notes on alternative treatments to support IVF, such as acupuncture and fertility massage, Advice on how to keep it together when the hormonal medication is trying to drag you down, Fertility friendly recipes and a collection of 125 valuable tips on everything from administering shots, to maintaining your relationship, nutrition and much more u2013 both lovingly put together by another IVF veteran, Rachel Campbell of Sprout & Co. Bianca Smith has undergone 8 IVF embryo transfers using her own and donor eggs. Amongst other supporting procedures, she has had a hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, intralipid infusions, endo scratch, embryo glue, assisted hatching, and embryoscope, all of which she describes in detail, including what they are, who should have them and what they involve. All the information in this IVF guide is based on Biancau2019s personal research, experience and interviews with other women who are or have been through fertility treatments. It is does not claim to have any medical endorsement, but is written in a casual, u2018girlfriend to girlfriendu2019 manner, and will be a great pocket companion throughout your IVF journey. From the authoru2026 If we had known even half the things we know today, we would have been so much better prepared for what was coming. A resource book would have been a lighthouse while I sailed through the dark and so I put together this guide, to equip other individuals or couples embarking on and also still in the middle of this journey with at least the basic knowledge they need to navigate the rough seas of fertility treatments and IVF. The information in this book is only a fraction of all the information out there. All information is an attempt to bring together everything that I have learnt along the way to make life a little easier for you on your journey than it was for me and I sincerely hope it will do exactly that for you. I feel positive that with this guide, much of your initial stress in knowing where to start and what route to pursue will be eliminated.

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