I Am: The Mystery of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist for Children (English and Spanish Edition)

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I AM was written because there was no resource specifically unwrapping the mystery of the Real Presence for children, which is a challenging topic for First Communion preparation. Presented in English and Spanish in a teasing question, prediction and answer format and illustrated with engaging watercolor and ink, I AM is designed to take the reader on an active journey of thinking and responding. It is packed with visual imagery of hidden surprises in nature and tied to biblical miracles of the burning bush of Moses, the divinity of Jesus, as well as the wedding at Cana and the multiplication of loaves and fishes. As the story progresses the narrator voice drops out and the child, who has been predicting answers, begins asking the questions, to which God answers, "I AM." This leads to a touching conclusion at the altar.

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