How to Speak Arabic In Jordan: Easy Arabic Phrasebook with Travel Tips

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      "How To Speak Arabic In Jordan" is the ultimate Arabic phrasebook a traveler needs in Jordan. Learning to speak the local Arabic dialect will enable you to easily communicate with people in Jordan - without having to learn Arabic alphabet or grammar and without investing a lot of time and money into a full-blown Arabic language course. In addition to essential Arabic phrases, this book also includes interesting cultural notes, hints and useful travel information about Jordan plus links to various resources that help you plan your trip to Jordan. Also, plenty of white space included for you to jot down more words, expressions you learn during your trip or just to make quick notes of personal experiences. If you decide to take your Arabic to the next level, you will find recommendations for Arabic language schools in Jordan as well as online Arabic courses at the end of the book. Click the Buy button and let your journey to Jordan begin!

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