Hong Kong in 3 Days: The Definitive Tourist Guide Book That Helps You Travel Smart and Save Time (Hong Kong Travel Guide)

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      This book has been designed not just as an introduction to Hong Kong, but as something much more. We provide you with basic but essential information about the area, its currency, the people, and the highlights you wonu2019t want to miss. If you only have a few days to spend in Hong Kong, weu2019ll show you the best way to spend them. The culture of Hong Kong is a complex union of East and West. Many Chinese traditions have been kept, but some western culture influences have also contributed to life in this vibrant region. The people are quite open-minded to variety and disparity. -The People of Hong Kong Hong Kongu2019s population is made up of Shanghainese, Cantonese, Indians and British, for the most part. The mainstream culture is Cantonese. Because of this, the concepts of modesty, saving face, family glory and family solidarity are a weighty part of the culture of Hong Kong. Other locals, however, have adopted more of a western way of living, so the mixture is quite diverse. -Language The most widely used language in Hong Kong is Cantonese. When the city-country reverted in 1997 to China, the local government adopted a policy in which both Chinese and English are considered their official languages. The spoken languages include Chinese Mandarin, English and Cantonese. -Culinary Delights Hong Kong is the culinary capital of this region of Asia. It boasts many delicacies, from local dishes to those from overseas. Some foods combine western and Chinese cuisine in their flavors. -Holidays The people of Hong Kong celebrate Lan Kwai Fong on what westerners call Christmas Day. In busy city areas, the people celebrate traditional Chinese holidays, like the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Ching Ming Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival. -Religious Beliefs Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other belief systems are practiced in the region. Taoism and Buddhism are the most common. Here is a quick preview of what you will learn in this tourist guide: u2022 Helpful information about Hong Kong u2022 Flying into the city-state u2022 Transportation tips in town u2022 Why Hong Kong is such a vibrant tourist spot and what you will find most remarkable about it u2022 Information on luxury and budget accommodations and what youu2019ll get for your money u2022 The currency used in Hong Kong u2022 Tourist attractions you should make time to see u2022 Other attractions for entertainment and culture u2022 Events that may be running during your stay u2022 Tips on the best places to eat & drink for all price points, whether you want simple fare, worldwide dishes or Asian flavor

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