Hand Embroidery Basics: Learn How to Hand Embroidery Basic Stitches and Techniques

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      In her book, Hand Embroidery Basics; Learn How to Hand Embroidery Basic Stitches and Techniques, Florence Schultz teaches you how to embroider. This book is geared toward absolute beginners and teaches you all about embroidery floss and embroidery equipment, basic stitches and techniques, to a quick tutorial on counted cross stitch. Florence uses easy to understand instructions and step by step illustrations to teach you the basics of hand embroidery. Surface, or hand, embroidery is a time honored craft. It has its roots in the ancient world and has been used for many centuries to embellish garments, religious vestments, home dxE9cor, and many other projects. In this book you well learn all the basic embroidery stitches. u2022 Running Stitch u2022 Straight Stitch u2022 Outline or Back Stitch u2022 Split Stitch u2022 French Knots u2022 Satin Stitch u2022 Raised Satin Stitch u2022 Long and Short Stitch u2022 Blanket Stitch u2022 Lazy Daisy u2022 Chain Stitch u2022 Threaded Running Stitch Each step is clearly explained and illustrated with large clear images. Florenceu2019s style is laid back and relaxed. She shares tips to help you begin your lifelong journey with embroidery. Next she teaches you the basics of cross stitch and gives you an overview of counted cross stitch. Florence explains how to start a counted cross stitch pattern and how to find the center of your pattern and cloth. She also gives you tips on how to start and stop without the use of knots. This book is an excellent resource to learn how to hand embroidery and even experienced embroidery artists will find her style refreshing. Be sure to get your copy today. If youu2019ve always wanted to learn the art of embroidery, but thought it was too complicated, this book is for you. With easy to understand instructions you will be taking needle to fabric in no time. Get your copy today!

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