Guide to Weather Forecasting: All the Information You'll Need to Make Your Own Weather Forecast (Firefly Pocket series)

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A concise guide to weather systems and weather forecasting.

As recent events have shown, weather can have very different consequences depending on where you live. b>Guide to Weather Forecasting covers every aspect of making a forecast and is a handy resource to understanding the professionals' daily weather predictions.

Storm Dunlop provides detailed information and expert explanations, including:

  • What causes weather
  • Weather systems and how they change
  • Recognizing clouds and sky appearance
  • Weather conditions, such as depressions, lows and highs, wind systems and direction, dew point, humidity, visibility, frost, anticyclones and snow
  • The readings meteorologists use when developing a forecast
  • Extreme weather and climate change

    Guide to Weather Forecasting also covers charts, satellite images and instruments that can be used at home. With its many color photographs and diagrams, handy glossary and useful index, this is an ideal quick reference for the amateur and semiprofessional weather forecaster.

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