Great Lakes Lighthouses Encyclopedia

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The lighthouses of the five Great Lakes -- a comprehensive collection with full-color photographs.

This comprehensive, full-color encyclopedia features more than 650 lighthouses located on all five of the Great Lakes. These lakes may appear easy to navigate, but swift currents, hidden reefs and shoals, shifting sandbars, uncharted passages and fierce, fast-moving storms made early navigation a mariner's nightmare. Thousands of sailors' lives were lost before the network of lighthouses was established, and tales of tragedy and triumph abound.

All manner of stone, brick and wooden lighthouses were erected to light the night and guide the captains of schooners, steamers, brigs, barks and sloops. Too many of these noble structures have now fallen into disrepair or have been torn down in the name of progress, but hundreds survive as monuments to an exciting period in history and points of pilgrimage for millions of maritime enthusiasts.

Great Lakes Lighthouses Encyclopedia includes lighthouses in both the United States and Canada. For each there is a description of its history and construction material. For many that are either open to the public or accessible through state or provincial parks, points of access are given.

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