EXiting the JW Cult: A Healing Handbook: For Current & Former Jehovah's Witnesses

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Numerous books have been written by ex-Jehovahu2019s Witnesses, exposing the false claims and practices of the cult or describing their personal challenges while leaving it. But when it comes to providing help to individuals in the process of exiting and recovering from the effects of membership in the cult, few compare with EXiting the JW Cult: A Healing Handbook.

Author Bonnie Zieman was born and raised as a Jehovahu2019s Witness, leaving after thirty years to gain the higher education that she was denied and build a professional life as a psychotherapist. She knows firsthand what itu2019s like to deal with the inhumane punishments inflicted on anyone who leaves the Watchtower organizationu2014foremost among them, the complete shunning by family and friends.

Drawing from both her personal and professional experiences, Zieman provides aid, advice, encouragement, and insight into the many challenges faced by current and former Jehovahu2019s Witnesses who are struggling to extricate their lives from this all-controlling cult.

This empowering healing handbook is designed to be used as a reference that individuals can take down off the shelf and use to help themselves during difficult moments along their path to healing emotional wounds and coping in an unfamiliar world.

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