Don't Get Screwed When Buying a Car (Screwed Guides Collection - How to Buy a Car & Save Time and Money)

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CAN THIS BOOK HELP YOU SAVE MONEY? Iu2019M SURE THATS THE QUESTION ON YOUR MIND AND THE ANSWER IS YES! YES IT CAN AND IT WILL, IF YOU TAKE WHAT YOU LEARN AND PUT IT TO USE. WITHOUT ACTION, KNOWLEDGE IS USELESS! If you're like the many frustrated consumers world-wide that absolutely hate the idea of purchasing a vehicle, much less actually making it into a dealership only to be bombarded by an overly pushy salesman, then this information is for you. We have created this guide to offer you an alternative to getting taken to the cleaners each time you decide to change up the vehicle you're driving. Dealerships make profit on each and every vehicle they sell along with their other products such as extended service contracts, gap insurance and even financing! The word profit isn't necessarily a bad word but there is a such thing as "a fair profit." How do you know if you're getting a "fair" deal or if you're one of the suckers that's getting screwed? The answer is simple, EDUCATE YOURSELF! We have provided resources that offer a great place to start, but there's still more. You can find reviews online to help you make the decision of what type of vehicle to purchase, what to pay and how much you should get for your trade but that's not all you should know. So what else is there? How about, what is the fair price to pay for an extended warranty, how much is GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection/Guaranteed Auto Protection) insurance really worth? What about the interest rate that the dealership informs you that you qualify for on this purchase? These are all questions that will be addressed in the following pages and through out my other guides.

What you can expect to learn!

  • How car dealers make money
  • The steps car salesmen use to make more profit
  • How to narrow down your options
  • What you should know before going to a dealership
  • Financing options
  • Backend product details
  • How to get more for your trade

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