Divorce - Remarriage and the Innocent Spouse: Counseling for Betrayed Believers (Straight Talk Bible Study) (Volume 1)

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      What does the Bible really say about divorce and remarriage?
Are you unclear how the Bible's directives about divorce and remarriage apply to contemporary conflicts? You might be looking for solid biblical counseling for your family, friends, or small group. Maybe even foryourself.
With its high view of the authority of Scripture and God's mystical, one-flesh union called marriage, this in-depth study respectfully examines hot-button topics relevant to both husbands and wives who have suffered the heartbreak of betrayed marital vows.
xB7Who does God see as the innocent spouse?
xB7What are legit biblical grounds for divorce?
xB7Did Jesus contradict Moses about divorce?
xB7Are abandoned Christians free to remarry?
Whether individually or as part of a small group Bible study, dig deep into what Scripture really says in its pertinent context and you might just be surprised at what you'll discover: the empathy of God's heart for the innocent spouse.
STRAIGHT TALK BIBLE STUDIES provide balanced counsel to those seeking to apply insights from God's Word to contemporary Christian living.

Book One of this series: Divorce - Remarriage and the Innocent Spouse focuses on how the Scriptures speak to marriages in crisis, reconciliation, biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage, and why God is so concerned not only with preserving the marital covenant, but also with the plight of betrayed husbands and wives. This book addresses marital abandonment issues such as neglect, adultery, physical abuse, emotional abuse and cruelty, criminal immorality, and desertion.
Book Two of this series: How to Spot a Wolf in Sheep'sClothing: Vetting Christian Relationships is geared primarily for singles seeking faith based, intentional dating relationships. Workbook style applications make both books in this Bible Study Series suitable for individual or group Bible study.
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