Crime Scene Photography, Second Edition

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      Crime Scene Photography, Second Edition, offers an introduction to the basic concepts of forensic picture-taking. It covers the basic crime scene scenario, providing important details to guide the student and professional through the process in a step-by-step manner. In addition to the photographic aspect, the handling and care of evidence and maintenance of the crime scene are also addressed.
The book begins by tracing the history of crime scene photography. It explains the cardinal rules of crime scene photography; the photographic variables related to exposure; and the three basic types of crime/accident scene photographs: overalls, midranges, and close-ups. This is followed by discussions on the use of digital imaging technologies and the legal issues related to photography. Each chapter begins with an outline of Learning Objective and Key Terms that will be used for the remainder of the text. Within the text are tips and rules-of-thumb that highlight important aspects of the chapter. The chapters conclude with a succinct Summary, Discussion Questions, Practical Exercises, and a comprehensive list of Further Readings.
This textbook is designed for photography students in an academic setting and practitioners working within various law enforcement agencies.

* Over 600 full color photographs, also electronically available on the companion website * Two new chapters on 'The History of Forensic Photography,' andxA0'Digital Image Processing of Evidentiary Photography' * Includes an Instructor website with lecture slides, practical exercises, a test bank and image collection * An essential reference for crime scene photography, including topics such as Composition, the Inverse Square Law, Court Cases affecting photography, Digital Image Processing, and Photogrammetry * Required reading by the Crime Scene Certification Board of the International Association for Identification (IAI) for all levels of certification

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