Congratulations On Your Baby Boy: An Adult Coloring Book for Maternity and Motherhood with Inspirational Baby Boy Quotes (Creative and Unique Baby ... to Provide Stress Relief During Pregnancy)

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Do you love coloring? Are you expecting? Do you have a friend or loved one that's expecting? Then you need Congratulations On Your Baby Boy! If you are expecting, this book is a must have for any baby shower gift registry.

This beautiful coloring book for adults is a great answer to helpprovide relaxation and relieve stress to expecting and new mothers. This book contains coloring designs with plenty of detail and beautiful compositions accompanied with inspirational quotes about motherhood. Let each design help guide you through a journey of tranquility and bliss.

Use Ink or Pens
Feel free to use fine-tipped ink markers, color pencils, and pens.

Single Sided Pages With One Design Per Page
The opposite page for each drawing has been left blank to help prevent issues with bleed-through with ink pens.

If you're not expecting but looking for a baby gift, you may have just found the best baby shower gift known to womankind. Of all of the possible baby shower gift ideas, what could be better than a stress reducing, inspiration providing, smile generating coloring book specifically made for expecting and new mothers?
Who better to benefit from the anti-stress therapeutic effects gained from adult coloring pages than expecting and new moms?
This book is perfect for:
  • Attaining a state of relaxation and calm during the stress and anxiety filled moments leading up to birth
  • Dealing with nervousness an anxiety and while waiting at the doctoru2019s office (or times you spend waiting)
  • Providing the right mindset to allow new mothers to get much needed rest and relaxation
  • Reducing the effects of mommy brain by enhancing focus and concentration
  • Providing a therapeutic art release to reduce anxiety and unpleasantness that may result from a strenuous or childbirth

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift
Give the gift of peace and tranquility.

Buy Now, and Begin Your (Or Send A Love One On A) Coloring Journey of Relaxation and Tranquility.

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