Common Ground: Encounters with Nature at the Edges of Life

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All too often, we think of nature as something distinct from ourselves, something to go and see, a place thatu2019s separate from the ordinary modern world in which we live and work. But if we take the time to look, we soon find thatu2019s not how nature works. Even in our parceled-out, paved-over urban environs, nature is all around us; it is in us. It is us.
Thatu2019s what Rob Cowen discovered after moving to a new home in northern England. After ten years in London he was suddenly adrift, searching for a sense of connection. He found himself drawn to a square-mile patch of waste ground at the edge of town. Scrappy, weed-filled, this heart-shaped tangle of land was the very definition of overlookedu2014a thoroughly in-between place that capitalism no longer had any use for, leaving nature to take its course. Wandering its meadows, woods, hedges, and fields, Cowen found it was also a magical, mysterious place, haunted and haunting, abandoned but wildly aliveu2014and he fell in fascinated love.
Common Ground is a true account of that place and Cowenu2019s transformative journey through its layers and lives, but itu2019s much more too. As the landu2019s stories intertwine with events in his own lifeu2014and he learns he is to become a father for the first timeu2014the divisions between human and nature begin to blur and shift. The place turns out to be a mirror, revealing what we are, what weu2019re not and how those two things are ultimately inseparable.
This is a book about discovering a new world, a forgotten world on the fringes of our daily lives, and the richness that comes from uncovering the stories and livesu2014animal and humanu2014contained within. It is an unforgettable piece of nature writing, part of a brilliant tradition that stretches from Gilbert White to Robert Macfarlane and Helen Macdonald.
u201CI am dreaming of the edge-land again,u201D Cowen writes. Read Common Ground, and you, too, will be dreaming of the spaces in between, and whatu2014including usu2014thrives there.

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