Coloring Through Cancer: Pocket Edition: A pocket-sized adult coloring book with 30 positive affirmations to encourage cancer survivors (Volume 1)

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This mini travel-sized adult coloring book contains 30 patterns inspired by the much loved Coloring Through Cancer adult coloring book by Sarah Renae Clark - but in a pocket sized edition that you can take with you anywhere!xA0 xA0

Coloring Through Cancer: Pocket Edition measures 4 x 6 inches, making it the perfect little on-the-go coloring book to take with you to your doctors appointments, on a plane, camping, on the train, or in your bag u2013 so you can color everywhere you go!xA0 xA0

Each coloring page includes a positive affirmation and a beautiful design, specifically for people who have lived with or are living with cancer. It is the perfect size to carry with you to your appointments or treatment, or is a great gift idea for a friend. xA0

Features of this pocket coloring book:

  • 30 coloring pages
  • 4 x 6u201D handy pocket size
  • Single sided pages
  • Suitable for beginner to advanced colorists

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