Color me weekly planner 2017 (coloring planner, monthly planner, weekly planner 2017, planner 2017, agenda, stress relief, adult coloring)

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  • More than 65 Illustrations to color
  • The monthly planner has 1 design per month at the top of each page.
  • A weekly planner with a unique design per page, so 52 in total.
  • 18 Pages u201Ccontactu201D arranged in alphabetical order.

When coloring is a passion, then a coloring planner is more than necessary. This Weekly Planner has been creted and thought by us, colorists. The goal is to enhance your passion for coloring and being able to stay organized throughout your days. This weekly planner 2017 will allow you to color while being always on time and never miss a date or an event.

It also has a special coloring books section where you can write down titles you come across and don't want to forget. When done with a book you can also rate them by coloring the little stars next to it. All the illustrations have been carefully chosen according to the seasons and special celebrations such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc...
Happy New Year 2017 and Happy Coloring.

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