Cameroon 1:1,500,000 and Gabon 1:950,000 Travel Map (International Travel Maps)

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      Cameroun, or Cameroon in French, is one of the most interesting countries in West Africa to visit. The far north has lava outcrops and unusual villages, the center is excellent agricultural land, and the south is steamy tropical forest. This indexed map is being combined with a separate map of the country of Gabon on the reverse side. Places of interest, parks, campsites, airports, rail and ferry routes are highlighted. Brief geography and history descriptions are given of the country and also Lake Nyos, Yaounde, Bafoussam, Kumba, Korup National Park, Bamenda, Mt. Cameroon, Douala, Foumban, Kribi's beaches, Limbe, Maroua and Waza National Park are also described. Colored tinting shows elevation in meters. Includes inset maps of Yaounde and Douala. Legend in English.

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