Calligraphy for Beginners.Drawing Hand Skill. Training, exercises and practice: The unique advantages of calligraphy: improves hand writing,develops ... creative skills(Calligraphy Workbook)

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Practice the fantastic Drawing Hand Skill art in this book for children!

The training and practical sessions will teach your child to do many things:

  • learn a lot about geometrical shapes and develop a good eye.
  • draw with a calligraphic pen.
  • formulate their positive attitude to drawing as a process.
  • enjoy the aesthetics and beauty of drawing.

This is an introductory workbook for beginners, thus no experience is required, and only practice makes it perfect and is the main key to success!

NEW Calligraphy for beginners. Drawing Hand Skill:Training, Exercises and Practice !

Using the practical tasks, we will earn to draw objects with the techniques combining rounded, rectangular shapes, diverse lines: a fir-tree, a cherry, a snowflake, a sledge, a car, a flower, a beetle etc.

While creating these drawings, we will learn to keep to the line direction, make them solid and straight, from left to right, top to bottom, up and down, in circles. These moves are repeated a number of times at a certain distance from each other according to the object shape, structure and location on the paper surface. In each case their number, size and location on the sheet of paper change.

Contemporary western and eastern researchers definitely confirm unique benefits of calligraphy classes for the young generation. The unique opportunities and advantages of calligraphy for childrenu2019s development:

  • improves handwriting
  • develops fine motor skills
  • trains memory
  • encourages reasoning
  • stimulates speech development, diligence
  • neatness
  • develops a good eye
  • three-dimensional vision
  • spacial coordination
  • teaches to be patient and assiduity
  • soothes hyperactive children
  • discovers creative skills

Drawing for beginners:

  • Sized to frame at 8.5" x 11"
  • Original and hand drawn illustrations
  • Single-Sided Pages

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