Bonsai Master Guide Learn Step By Step How To Grow A Bonsai (Japanese Gardens) (Volume 1)

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Bonsai is a Japanese word that is made from a combination of two words, u2018bonu2019 and u2018saiu2019 in which u2018bonu2019 is a thin bowl or dish and u2018saiu2019 is a plant or any tree that can be planted.

Have you ever wanted tou2026

  • Learn how to grow a Bonsai tree from scratch?
  • Enjoy the art of this ancient Japanese art?
  • Practice and perfect your skills, while enjoying the quiet contemplation the Bonsai offer
  • Impress your friends and family with your collection of these miniature trees

With an in-depth look at the art, as well as deep knowledge and understanding the book will take you throughu2026

  • How to grow a Bonsai
  • The different types of Bonsai there are and which ones are best suited to you
  • The tools needed for cultivating and looking after your Bonsai
  • And much moreu2026

Suitable for absolute beginners to this fascinating skill, with the Bonsai Tree Guide you will soon be growing your own Bonsai trees quickly and confidently.

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